Simulation and Calculations

We carefully select the best tool for each simulation and ensure optimal price/performance ratio. CFD flow simulation is one of the key tasks we do.

What is it for?

  • CFD flow simulation is used to create a numerical description of how a particular device or process functions, and to determine the corresponding characteristics (e.g., heat transfer, pressure loss, efficiency, power transferred etc.).
  • Based on the simulation results, the level of functionality may be determined, followed by a proposition as to what modifications make to optimize the characteristics of the device or process in question.
  • These simulations make use of programmes that model real devices or processes under defined conditions.
  • Among the cornerstones of these simulations are: PRE-Processing, i.e., CAD and networking, Processing, POST-Processing, and Reporting. We have been developing an in-house W.SIM simulation workflow that facilitates and automates user activities related to these cornerstones.

What do we offer?

  • Classic custom-made computing for customers.
  • Delivery and set-up of W.Sim for opensource programmes or commercial programmes.
  • Design for simulation tools to answer the needs of your company (CFD flow simulation, FEA, EMA, MPA, optimization etc.).
  • Preference for efficient use of opensource programmes, in particular OpenFOAM (Processing), Salome (PRE-Processing), and Paraview (POST-Processing). We simulate commercial programmes, too, provided they are more efficient.
  • Assessment as to whether a simulation—virtual prototyping—may be useful for a specific development or research project.
  • Assistance with the introduction of the solution selected, methodology, and application.
  • Automation and standardization of the simulation workflow and outputs created, reduction of time requirements for routine and repetitive tasks.
  • External or internal collaboration in deploying, developing, and using virtual prototyping.
  • Validation measurement support, preparation, and implementation.