Computational Processes, Tools and Methodologies

We modify or develop our own tools for user needs, we accelerate or reduce simulation times, and replace manual tasks with automation. We automate result processing and enable rapid comparison of individual variants.

What is it for?

  •  Our computational processes, tools, and methodologies are designed to perform repetitive simulations and calculations. We are even able to deploy them on-site at our customers’ premises.
  • By utilizing our custom-made processes, you can accelerate and streamline your simulations and reporting in the environment you use.
  • The entire workflow comprises the following cornerstones: pre-processing, processing, post-processing, optimization, and reporting.
  • Various tools may be used for each of the cornerstones and we use the most optimal solution for each part of the workflow: both in term of performance and budget requirements.

What do we offer?

  •  Implementation of our computational processes on-site at customers’ premises.
  • Development or modification of existing tools to suit the particular customer’s needs.
  • Development and validation of calculation methodologies following customer’s request.
  • Training, preparatory work and tune-up of computational processes on-site at customer’s premises.