Applied Engineering

Applied Engineering includes up-to-date tools for to prepare and implement a product or prototype, i.e., tools ranging from virtual prototyping, 3D print, up to reverse engineering.

What is it for?

  • This industrial tool is made for facilitating and accelerating the technological development and innovations in all industrial fields: automotive, aviation, and cosmic, as well as construction, material engineering, energy, and biomedicine and microelectronics.
  • It is utilized to make a prototype part based on simulation outputs, e.g., using 3D printing.
  • In addition, it is used for reverse engineering that allows for preparing missing technical documentation of an actual part, reconstruction of deformed or damaged parts.

What do we offer?

  • Implementation of applied-engineering projects.
  • Selection of suitable procedures and technology for the processes or projects.
  • Implementation of on-site solutions, handover, and explanation of the individual steps and overall procedure utilized.