Company Profile

Are you facing a decision as to whether innovate your existing product or develop a new one and would like to know what means you will need to do so? Would you like to verify whether in-house virtual prototyping is more cost-effective than prototyping provided by an external partner?

Enginn Effect – „The power of engineering and Innovation“

  •  We are looking for opportunities to implement your innovative visions and ideas
  • We possess technical education and extensive experience with industrial applications. But what is most important, we love our work!
  • We develop procedures to resolve technical issues and not to sell simulation software
  • You can contact use at any stage of the development
  • We work transparently: you will know every step of the procedure and may take part in resolving the issue at hand. You are part of our team…
  • We will prepare a calculation of costs necessary for HR, time, funding, and HW and SW resources